Guide to Geooh GO

  1. Profile: All your profile data is in one place. This includes finds, hides, trackables, souvenirs, etc. It also shows your leaderboard and stats. IMPORTANT: Please note that Geooh GO requires a PAID
    Subscription to use some features, as well as Premium membership.
  2. Geocaches: Geooh GO is a feature-rich geocaching app, with many options to suit your needs.
    IMPORTANT: Please note that Geooh GO requires PREMIUM GEOCACHING PAID SERVICE.
  3. WheriGO: This is the only fully integrated Wherigo player in a geocaching app. It’s a modern player with advanced features. Check out information on Wherigo here!
  4. Lists: You can manage your online bookmark lists stored at See how many caches in a list have been found.
  5. GeoTours: Search for GeoTours near you. Select one to check out more information about it and what geocaches are available. Unfortunately, Australian Ballarat GeoTour is closed.
    Check out an up-to-date map of GeoTours from the Official website here!
    Are you in tourism? Or interested in possibly making a GeoTour? Click here!
  6. Nearby Notifications: Be notified of nearby caches while driving. This works in the background.
  7. Geocache Find Stats: Show breakdown of daily finds. Or select a date range to show your finds.
  8. Route to Geocaches: Show route to a cache on the map, or the most efficient route to several.
  9. Answer Sheet: Built-in answer sheet to record answers to Virtuals and Earthcaches.
  10. Picture-in-Picture: Run apps with Geooh compass in PIP mode.
  11. Trackable Travels: Show a map view of trackable travels with total miles covered.
  12. Weather Information: Show weather information in logs and for a geocache location.
  13. Proximity Alerts: Proximity pings and vibrations that increase as you get closer to a cache.
  14. Solution Checker: Enter coordinates for Groundspeak’s solution checker.
  15. Waypoint Averaging: Integrated waypoint averaging to create waypoints.
  16. Formula Solver: Built-in coordinate formula sheet to enter values for final location.
  17. Fullscreen Map Display: Turn on map full screen mode for a more immersive experience.
  18. Sound and Animations: Geooh has fun animations and sounds when finding a cache.
  19. Dark Mode: Turn on a global dark mode theme for all Geooh screens.
  20. Integrated TB Scanner: Use your phone’s camera to scan codes on trackables.
  21. Map Overlays: Display county boundaries with shading directly within the app.
  22. 3D Map Tiles: Show an overhead view of a cache location using 3D map tiles.

    Android – Google Play Store

Remember, to use the compass, you click on the icon on the map and then the compass symbol on the same screen. Also, Geooh has a built-in GPX track creator. Geooh can keep track of your movements while you walk.

Please note that some features are only available with a subscriptionFor more details, you can visit the official Geooh Go website.

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