Groundspeak Adventure Labs

Adventure Lab is a location-based game developed by Groundspeak Inc.
It’s a type of geocaching that relies on “virtual” sections to find.

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Here are some key features of the Adventure Lab app:

  • Experiences: The app offers free-to-play experiences created by a community of adventurers. These experiences include walking tours, challenges, scavenger hunts, trivia, and other local experiences.
  • GPS-Based: Using your phone’s GPS, the app can guide you to the various local attractions or even something off the beaten path.
  • Flexibility: You can explore at your own pace and find a single section without the need to do all sections at once. Most Adventure Labs have five areas to explore.
  • Community-Generated: Each Adventure is created by fellow explorers who choose to tell a story, show off their hometown’s unique history and cultural significance, or lead you to the best hidden gems that only the locals know about.
  • Geocaching Integration: If you have a Geocaching account, you can log in with your geocaching username to have Adventures count towards your geocaching statistics and total finds.
    Remember, Adventure Labs do NOT have physical containers, so they are generally easier,
    especially for beginners.

    Available from Android Play StoreiPhone Apple Store

To learn more about Geocaching Adventure Lab, you can visit their official website. Enjoy your adventures!

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